Essence Get Big Lashes Review!

Essence Get Big Lashes! £2.30

 Hello everyone. Today I thought I would just do a quite review on a mascara that I have been using recently! 
I have been using the Essence Get Big Lashes volume boost waterproof mascara for a few weeks now and i am really loving it. I have briefly mentioned it in my July Favorites  but now feel as if it needs a full review.

Basically this is my perfect mascara and I definitely reach for it more than my higher end mascaras now. To start with this is a huge tube of mascara that will probably last you quite a while as long as it doesn't dry out of course.  The brush looks like a traditional  mascara wand with no fancy shape or anything but the way this wand grabs on and coats every lash is amazing.

With just one coat this creates full and long lashes that doesn't clump or weigh your lashes down! You can defiantly build up this  mascara for super dramatic lashes if you want to. For me this makes it look as if i am wearing fake lashes which is great as I cant apply fake lashes to save my life. 
This is a waterproof mascara ( you can also buy this mascara in the non waterproof formula) so it is very hard to get of, I have to use a remover that is especially targeted for eye make up ( I am using the Simple Kind To Skin Eye Make-up Remover) because my normal cleanser just doesn't do it.
This can be a pain at the end of a long day but it does mean that your mascara will stay all day without flaking and it will hold a curl all day. So for £2.30 its worth a go.


  • Affordable
  • Stays all day
  • Keeps a curl.
  • Separates ans lengthens 
  • Adds volume
  • Get a lot of product for the price 
  • Waterproof ( wont come off in the rain)


  • Hard to get off.
  • A bit big to travel with if you don't have a lot of room.

Thats it for today so thank you for reading and i love reading your comment.
Let me know if you have tried this or have you and new recommendations? 


  1. Katherine Allanach16 August 2014 at 20:41

    This reminds me of the falsies by Maybelline which is my favourite mascara ever!! Must try this for about £5 cheaper xx

  2. I also love the falsies mascara! yeah it is defintly worth a try! Thanks for your comment. x

  3. I have been really impressed with there products and i also want to try that blush, it will be next on my list.
    Thank you so much I appreciate it! x

  4. Everything that i have tried from them i have been really impressed with so i would say its worth having a look at. Thanks for your comment! x

  5. Aw thank you so much I really appreciate it!
    Yes of course i will.
    Thanks. x

  6. This looks amazing! Never heard of it before, what a great find!

  7. damn, for such a cheap price I will have to try it out at least