My Travel Bucket List!

My Travel Bucket List.

Hello everyone!

I wanted to do something a little different today and do a post on a travel bucket list that i have had for a while.  I love traveling and always have done, I love going and seeing different cultures and how there lives are so different compared to my own, I don't mind the long plain journeys either.  Plus after watching hours and hours of FunForLouis ( Check out his amazing Youtube Channel ) it just makes me want to travel more!  
So hers is part of my travel bucket list! 


Australia looks like one of the nicest place ever, not only do they have kangaroos ( which is one of my favorite animals) but also The Great Barrier Reef is something that has always interested me and would love to see. The people and atmosphere just seem so laid back and casual not to mention the great accents. 


When I say Rome i mean pretty much any part of Italy but Rome just stands out for some reason. I see Italy as such a cultural place and it has a lot of beautiful buildings and  and architecture.  I am not sure why I haven't visited Italy yet as it isn't to far from England ( where I live). I will defiantly be going as soon as I have the chance. 

New York

New York is the dream on my eyes and I think most people would love to visit New York at least once in there lives. It has been one of my dream places ever since I was little and seeing it in the films and on posters. It just looks like the magical big city where anything is possible. which I know probably isn't true but its also a great place to go shopping.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Light is one of them places that I think you need to see to believe it. It looks like every photo of it looks like it has been Photoshopped.  It has fascinated me ever since i was young and loved the film Brother Bear. I would love to be able to watch this for my self one day. 


Thailand look like such a beautiful relaxing place that i would love to visit.  One think that i have always wanted to do is travel to Thailand and visit the elephants as they are sch amazing creatures.  It also looks like a great place to explore and find a lot out about different cultures. 


I would absolutely love to go on a African safari as I would love to see all of the nature and animals. I find the Tribes they have in Africa quite fascinating as well and I think there cultures is really interesting.  I think Africa is one of the places I would like to go the most. 

This is only a few off my bucket list as I didnt want to make the post to big but I probaby will do another in the future. 
Thank you for reading!

Have you ever been to any of these country?


  1. I want to visit all these places too! Looking at all the photos makes me feel so warm! X

  2. If you go to any of these places you are bringing me! (Large Smile)

  3. I really want to go to Rome and Australia as well! Sydney always looks so pretty in pictures :)

  4. I know me too, it makes me want to go more and more.
    Thank you for your comment! x

  5. It looks lovely doesn't it! maybe one day.
    thanks for your comment. x

  6. Loved reading this, makes me want to go on holiday! I definitely recommend Thailand (best trip of my life). Australia & NY are also high on my travel list :) x

    Beauty with charm

  7. I am a true aussie blue! And you should definitely come over! I live not to far from Sydney (around an hours drive- which is nothing in Australia, some of us drive 3 hours to the grocery store!) and have travelled quite a fair bit my self and Sydney is still my favourite city in the world! I would love to send you some pictures if you'd like?