July Favorites!

Hello everyone June is over and the favorites are here! I haven't got that many this month but lets get started.

Urban Decay Naked Basics - £22

I never thought I would give in to buying one of the naked pallets but I gave in to the temptation this month and bought the basics pallet as it has all the shades I need in it and thought it would be perfect for my holiday. 
I now understand the hype around these eye shadows as they are so buttery and soft and blend like a dream. I would  recommend this pallet if you like neutral looks and need something small to carry around with you. 

Becca Mineral Blush In The Shade Bolero - £25

This is a blusher from the brand Becca, this is the only item I own from the brand and I really love it.
It is quite a dark shade with a brown and red under tone so I double it up as a blush and a bronzer to contour and it works so well as it doesn't look orange like most bronzer do on my pale skin. I don't use blush very often as I don't think it suites me but this works great and I think it would work for many different skin tones.

Essence Get Big Lashes! Waterproof Mascara - £2.30

I think I have found my new favorite mascara and it is the Essence Get Big Lashes mascara. I have it in waterproof as it will hold the curl better and it definitely does! It holds a curl all day and make my lashes have a lot of volume. It does not smudge or wear off throughout the day and for only £2.30, you cant go wrong.
The one down fall is it is very very difficult to get of with and ordinary cleanser but so are most waterproof mascaras. I would definitely say give this mascara a go.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer - £9.99

I have had this primer since the begging of the year and haven't used it much until now and I am really enjoying it.  Its great for getting that summer glow as it is a light reflecting primer that makes your skin look as if it is glowing. If  you have a matte foundation and want to make look a bit more radiant just apply this first and you will have a more dewy look; it also helps to make your make up last a lot longer. I also love the packaging as it has rose gold features and I am a sucker for anything rose gold!
It is also a great dupe for the Mac strobe cream which is much more expensive.

Essence Lipsticks - £2.30
Right- 09 Wear Berries
Left- 13 Love Me

I have been loving Essence this month can you tell?
These are two of the lipsticks in the shade Wear Berries with is a muted purple and Love me which is a soft coral pink shade. These are amazing lipsticks for the price as the stay for quite a while on me and they are super creamy and soft on the lips. They feel quite moisturizing on the lips and don't smudge anywhere. The packaging feels sturdy and doesn't feel like its going break any time soon. I like that the lipsticks have there logo imprinted on to the lipstick as i find that this gives it a nice touch. I cant wait to get more colours.

I hope you all had a great July and thank you for reading!
I read and appreciate every comment and I love hearing your thoughts!

Have you tried any of these products?
what have you been loving this month?


  1. I also love Naked Basic Palette! I've owned it for about 2 years now, so the price tag is def worth it! I am looking for a new mascara so def will try out Essence get big lashes! :)

    Love from Canada,

    Marie from www.ElleCharie.com

  2. sprinklesofstyle5 August 2014 at 19:24

    Ooh, everything looks really lovely!! I have the Essence lipsticks and will be reviewing them soon - just haven't got round to testing them yet! :)

    Layla xx


  3. wow two years is pretty good. Defiantly worth it then!
    Its really good and cant go wrong for that price.
    Thanks for commenting. x

  4. I keep an eye out for your review! Thank you! x

  5. I love the urban decay naked basics palette! I am going to purchase one soon but i'm torn between what one to get! The basics, first second or third?! My blog is quite similar to yours and it would really mean a lot if you checked mine out and maybe left a comment telling me what you think?xx


  6. Let me tell you i'm loving your blog design first!!! it is awesome as lumi magique base is! Cheers!
    In case you want to grow natural and healthy
    hair please visit my blog, i'm just beginning but it would mean a lot! Thank
    you!!! Kisses from Barcelona!

  7. Ooh how gorgeous are those Essence Lipsticks?! Such pretty shades xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. The basics is good for everyday but i would like to get the naked 1 too.
    yeah sure i will, thank you for commenting! x

  9. Thank you so much! I will have a look. x

  10. They are so lovely and easy to wear art they?
    Thank you so much for commenting! x

  11. Love those lipsticks ,amazing colors:)