Travel sizes I will repurchase #2

Hello everyone, So this is part two of what small travel size items I will be repurchasing in full size. You can check out my first post on it HERE
This is a great way to make sure you like a product before you go and buy a full size especially if it is an expensive product!

Trevor Sorbie Volume Thickening Spray. 

I was curious when i saw this product as most of the "thickening" products i have used don't really work. I defiantly don't have thin hair to start with as it is quite thick but I still always want to add that extra something.  I have noticed a slight different in my hair since i started using it, I feel as if my hair has more body to it. I apply it to wet hair in the roots before i blow dry it.  I think i will repurchase this but only the small version as this mini has lasted me a long time as you don't need much! 

Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum.

I love this product as you will know if you read my review on it ( you can read it HERE
It is  serum that you apply on dry hair and it controls frizz and makes your hair super soft and healthy looking. I have already gone out and bought the full size and wont ramble on to much about this but if you want to find out more you can check out my review!

Clenique High impact Mascara.

Glamour magazine were giving this out as a freebie last month which was handy. This is a great everyday mascara as it give good volume and length but doesn't go clumpy as it is quite a wet formula. I have never tried anything from Clenique before but i am impressed with this and probably will be repurchasing it. 

Benefit Some Kind Of Gorgeous Foundation.
I have only tried this  few times as it is slightly to dark for me but it is a light coverage foundation which is quite dewy on my skin. I think i will get more use of this when I get back from holiday and have a slight tan. But so far i do like it but probably wont repurchase it so i think i have tried better and I don't really like how its packaged, I prefer the traditional  liquid in a pump, I know im very fussy . 

Aussie 3 Minuet Miracle 

I have used this products for years but I bought this little mini for my holiday so I thought I would include it.This is a hair mask that you leave on for 3 minuets and it makes your hair so super soft and healthy looking.  I love Aussie product and i think a lot of people do as they are affordable and work so well and smell Amazing! I think I am addicted to the smell of Aussie products.  I like to use this once or twice a week to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy! I will continue to repurchase this as long as they sell it. 

Thats it for today so thank you for reading I really appreciate it!
Have you tried any of these products?
Do you have any recommendations?


  1. The Benefit miniature is adorable! Although I too prefer liquid foundation

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion and Beauty blogger & YouTuber <3

  2. They are arnt they!
    I feel as though they work better.
    Thank you for your comment. x

  3. Lovely products here!! I just love the clinique mascaras <3 | Giveaway

  4. I´d love to try the Gloss Serum, thanks a lot for the reviews!