Under £5 Drugstore Haul and First Impressions.

Hello everybody! I have another Drugstore haul here today and every product is under £5 each so it makes it super affordable. I do buy most of my make up, haircare and skincare bits and bobs from the drugstore as I am a student and cant afford to be buy high end make up  every week, but I do treat my self every now and again to a bit more of a luxury product!
So I love to find good alternatives in the drugstore and I think I have found a few dupes! 
Anyway enough with the rambling and on with the haul. 

Smooch Duo Eye shadow in the shade:
 Filthy Rich.

£1.99 or £2.99

I found this Smooch eye shadow pallet in a small beauty store near to where I live, I have never heard of the brand before but it did catch my eye as is looks a lot like Nars eye shadow duo's. The shade on the left is a shimmery champagne colour colour and the one on the right is a red toned copper colour which is also a shimmer. I absolutely love the colours and the packaging but I am not so keen on the formula as they have a lot of fall out but you can definitely still work with them. This eye shadow duo is insainly pigmented as you can see by my swatch. I only pressed my finger down slightly on the eye shadow to get this much pigment! I will let you know how i get on with these.

Technic- High Lights- £1.99

This is something i have wanted for ages but I could never find, I ended up finding it in Body works. It is a dupe of Benefits High beam which is a light pink liquid highlighter. I saw a blog post a few month ago and they compared them and said there were almost exactly the same so I wanted to try it. I have never tried high beam so I cant compare the two but I can say I love this product! I have only wore it a few times But it gives the most lovely natural looking high light and I cant wait to test it out more in the summer.  

Essence Lipstick- Shade 13 Love me 

This is a new brand that has came to the UK from Germany and there products are being sold in Wilkinsons. I want to try out something from them as I have heard good reviews so i picked up this lipstick in the shade 13 with is a really pretty pink. 
This lipstick is definitely my new favorite I have wore it everyday since I got it, it's such a good everyday lipstick. The formula is  lovely its is creamy but not to creamy so it rubs off as soon as you step out the door, It has really good lasting power seeming it only cost around £2.30 ish. I may do a single review on it when I have had it for longer. I will definitely be trying out more from the brand.

MUA Lipstick in the shade 1 - £1

This is a MUA lipstck in the shade 1 which is a dark vampy red, I much prefer the darker reds because I think they suit my skin tone better. I have only tried this lipstick on I haven't wore it out the house yet so I cant tell you its lasting power but the formula is very creamy and soft on the lips and feels very moisturizing. I have another MUA lipstick in a coral shade and i love that one so i am such I will love this one too especially as it only cost £1!!

W7- Make up and Glow Bronzing Base.

So i mainly picked this up as it looked like a massive dupe of the chanel tan de soleil. It is a cream base bronzer that you can put on before or after foundation to cream a natural sun kissed look. I have only used this once and I am quite impressed and I couldn't believe how natural it looked on the skin as I though it might make me look quite muddy and orange. It blend really nicely and gives you a natural bronzed look and for £4.99 you cant go wrong. 

Thats the end of my haul and i am really happy with everything that I bought. 
Thank you all for reading and don't forget to leave a comment as I read and appreciate every single one of them! Thank you. 

Have you ever tried any of these products and what do you think?


  1. Great post, especially love that eyeshadow duo!

    New blogger so please take a look:


  2. The eyeshadow duo looks like it's going to be a good one :)

    Gonne have to go and look for the essence lipsticks before work! They looks great :)


  3. I LOVE the look of the Smooch eyeshadows and W7 Bronzer. They are so similar to they're high end competitors but way way cheaper. Thanks for the bargain tips. I must check them out :)! http://beautywithcharm.blogspot.co.uk

  4. There definitely worth having a look at! Thank you for your comment. x

  5. It does doesn't it. Its really worth it, there great.
    Thank you for your comment. x

  6. i don't think we really have any of those here but they look nice!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

  7. These look great and they could be great dupes for the more expensive products like Benefit- so excited!

  8. I was pretty excited to find them! Always nice to find a good dupe.
    Thanks for commenting. x

  9. There great lipsticks, thanks for the comment. x

  10. They are pretty good dupes. Thank you for commenting i appreciate it. xx