My Drugstore Summer Skin Care!

Hello everyone. I recently did my summer essentials post ( which you can read HERE) which is all beauty essentials, but as promised here is my summer skin care essentials. This isn't my whole skin care routine  that i do on a morning and evening it is just the products that stand out among the rest in summer! Anyway hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

LUSH- Tea Tree Water.
I only bought this product recently but i can say i love it! It is a tea tree cleansing water that is antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial which works great for oily or spot prone skin. I have really been loving tea tree lately but i am not a hug fan of the smell but this product doesn't have that overpowering tea tree smell which is great. Since i have started using this a have noticed that it controls the oils that can build up on a hot summers day, I use it before i apply my make up and after it and i find it sets my make up nicely.  It is also in this hand spray on bottle which means you can apply it throughout the day and not disturb your make up plus it is very cooling which is great for warmer weather. I think this product was £3.95 for 100g.

Nivea Refreshing Eye Roll-on
This product is so good for the warmer months because it is so cooling. This is an under eye roll on that claims to reduce puffiness and signs of fatigue and reduces the appearance of wrinkles! It definitely does reduce puffiness because the product comes out on to a cool metal ball which soothes and does reduce puffiness. I cant say i have noticed anything about reducing wrinkles because i do not have and wrinkles yet. I found this in home bargains for only £1.99 so if your and near i would pop in and pick one up.

Simple Sun Kissed Moisture cream.
Now that its summer its nice to have a bit of a tan especially because I'm usually as white as a ghost. I find it hard to keep my tan the same on my face as the rest of my body, my face never tans so when i saw this i had to give it a go. This is a light gradual tan for your face and that is exactly what it does. I have been using it for a few weeks now and it definitely doesn't give you a strong orange tan, it is very natural and light. it has helped to keep my face looking the same colour as my body. The only thing i am not keen on is the smell but that does go away as you apply it. This is a great product for summer as it doesn't go streaky or orange and it hasn't broke me out so its a winner for me!

Garnier Summer Body!
I have never been in to full on fake tanning i have always preferred gradual tanner as i think they can look more natural on me. My No1 favorite gradual tanner is the Dove Summer Glow but when i ran out i thought i would give this one a try and i do not like it as much as the Dove one. This still works well but i find with even one coat it is slightly too orange for me. The first time i used it i applied two coats and looked like a carrot. This one might be better if you have slightly darker skin to start off with. I also find that the dove one is more moisturizing and smells better. But by this post i am talking about all gradual tanners in general.
Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry oil spray
We all need to protect out skin in summer so sun cream is essential. this is just one i have lying around as i haven't gone out and bought them for my holiday yet. This is only a SPF of 10 so i will have to get a higher SPF for when i go away. This is a good one thought and i smells amazing, as do all sun creams!

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser.
We all need to moisturize our skin essentially in the warmer weather. i have been using the Simple Light Moisturiser because it is light weight and doesn't feel to heavy on my skin for the summer, there is nothing worse when its boiling hot outside and you have loads of heavy products on your face so this is great. It smell nice and and is very hydrating.

That is my Drugstore summer essentials of the products that stand out as great skin care for the summer. I would also include a lip balm but i have lost the image :( The Body shop lip balms are the best i have found at the drugstore. you can see them HERE!

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them? or even what is your summer skin care essential?


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