Urban Decay Naked Pallet Dupe!

Hello everyone! i think i have found the perfect Urban Decay Naked pallet dupes and their really affordable which makes them even better. I have two pallets from the brand W7, this is an affordable brand of make up you can get here in the UK I don't know whether you can get the brand in other country's but you can get them on amazon. I got both these pallets from 'Boyes' which is a store in the uk and they sell affordable make up especially W7. Now for the best bit.... they were only £3.99 each! which is an absolute bargain especially if you compare it to the Urban Decay pallets at £37 each.
 The first pallet is called "In the Buff" and i would say this is a dupe for the Naked 2 pallet. I don't own a Urban Decay naked pallet because I just don't want to splash out £37 on a pallet ( but I am eyeing up the Naked basics, i just haven't gave in yet) but i find that these are so similar that i don't need the high end version. As you can see the packaging is very similar, it comes in a tin case like the Urban Decay one except it does not come with a mirror which is a shame but for the price you cant complain, but it does come with a double ended brush. The in the buff pallet is filled with brown neutral tones which is an easy everyday option ( great to make blue eyes pop) It also has darker shades so you can turn a day look in to a evening look. But the main this we look for in eye shadow's is pigmentation and these are definitely pigmented, the first shade in the pallet is the only shade that does not have that much pigment but still pretty good for the price. The eye shadows do tent to have a slight bit of fall out that you have to be careful of but other than that they are great.
The second eye Pallet I have is called "In the Nude" this one i think is a great dupe for the Naked three pallet. It is filled with 12 pink/ purple toned eye shadows ( great for brown and green eyes) Again these shadows are just as pigmented as the In the buff pallet they blend really well and last all day even without a primer on me. Plus you get 12 decent sized eye shadows which is unbelievable for only £3.99 each.

 If you were thing about the Urban Decay Pallet I would defiantly say you should try these ones first and you wont be disappointed. Even if you have the Naked pallet still try the W7 ones, you'd be sill not to.
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  1. It's so nice to find a dupe! Always good to go with the cheaper option for sure! ;)


    1. Im glad someone agrees, it seems silly to go for the expensive in my opinion. :) x
      p.s your blog is lovely!

  2. Wow, will have to get one of these! Look amazing:)
    I know, I don't really see the sense in paying that amount for an eye-shadow palette!
    -Lauren xoxo

  3. They really are great and so good for the price. its so experiences for what it is. haha!
    Thank you for your comment.
    -Amy xx

  4. The Pallet "In the buff" is so great. I love it. The colours are so beautiful :)