The body shop Tea Tree skin care review.

Today i will be giving my opinion on The body shops tea tree range. So i have been trying out quite a few products from the range recently and i have used The Body Shop products for years but i have never tried there skin care so i was curious, and i am impressed.  
This range is targeted mainly for blemished skin and it aims to remove impurities and to give you clearer mattifed looking skin.
Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub 100ml (£6.50)($11.06) 

This is the Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub.This product claims to help clear up skin and to unclog pores without over drying the skin. I have heard some people say that this range has dried there skin out slightly, i haven't had this problem at all now that its warmer weather but i did try some of these tea tree products at the start of the year and it did make my skin quite dry, my skin  is dry in the winter and normal to combination in the summer. So if you have particularly dry skin i would recommend that you try and find a small sample of these products before buying the full sizes. Anyway back to the scrub, this is a very gentle scrub that contains very small exfoliates and also slightly larger parts, the larger exfoliates burst when you start to massage the product in to the skin. Because this scrub is so genital i do use it up to three times a week. over all i do really like this scrub and it does make my face feel clean and refreshed when i use this scrub i do also notice that my pores are less visible and my skin is brighter, i will be repurchasing it.
Tea Tree Facial Wash 250ml (£5)
Next is the Tea Tree facial wash, i usually don't go towards the gel facial washes but i do really like this one, its not to thick and it not to thin. With gel formulas i do sometimes find them to either be the consistent of either water or toothpaste, this one thought is right in the middle which is perfect and can be used for everyday use. They say on the website that it
  • Removes excess oils without over drying the skin
  • helps to remove impurities 
  • clinically proven to give clearer looking skin
i would agree with these statements, i have already been through a bottle of this face wash as it does the job pretty well. Even though these products are aimed at blemished skin which i wouldn't say i have i just get the odd break out every so often i would say that this product and all of the other range in fact have helped to keep the break outs at bay and have made my skin clearer.

 Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Foaming Cleanser 150ml (£5)
This foaming cleanser is probably my favorite product from the range. In the bottle it is just a green liquid, but when you pump some out of the bottle it comes out like a white foam. This product just melts away the make up on your face so smoothly but DO NOT GET THIS IN YOUR EYES! it will not remove your eye make up without stinking your eyes, if  you do get some in your eyes make sure to rinse it with water. I also notice that this product mattifies the face so i like to also uses this in the morning before putting on any make up as my face can get slightly shiny throughout the day. If you want quite a fun cleanser that works give this one a try.

  Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion 50ml (£3)($5.10)
This is my latest product added to my collection and i have only used it once or twice. i will mainly use this when i am having a break out because as i said i don't have blemished skin all of the time. But when i have used it it is a light weight lotion that again mattifies the skin it also absorbed quite fast, but that all i can say as i haven't used it long enough.

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser 30ml £7.50
This is the pore minimizing primer, i use this as a primer before applying my make up. I would say this does a similar job as Benefits the Porefessional but this one is a lot more moisturizing than the benefit on so if you were thinking about purchasing the porfessional maybe you could look in to this one first if you dont want to splash out on the Benefit primer. But in my opinion i still prefer the porefessional because i feel it hides my pores better than the body shop one. This product is moisturizing but it did not live up to what i hoped and i have been using it for about two months know and i have seen no difference which was disappointing especially because it was the most expensive item i have purchased from the range and you only get 30ml. but if your are looking for a moisturizing primer that does make your make up last this does a good job for that.
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner 250ml (£5)
This is the final product i have from the range and the product that i use the most out of all of them. This is a toner that i uses to make sure that all of my make up is off my face at night. This toner also helps to calm down some of the redness in my cheeks as well as keeping my skin clean and clear. This tones mattifies my face really well and it stays matte for hours. The same with all these products do not get them in your eye i have accidentally got some of this toner in my eye before and it defiantly wasn't pretty. But i really like this toner and will continue to use it.

Over all i really like this range of products and they have really helped to keep my break out at bay and keep my skin fresh and i will be trying out other things from there range.
Thank you so much for reading my first blog post and some feedback will be much appresiated. Thanks x


  1. I will definitely go and buy this.

  2. it is worth it. Thank you for your comment. :)

  3. They are really good and cleansing and tea tree is great!
    thanks for your comment! x